We Are All Mary Jo Buttafuoco!


Here’s a candid shot of me reading Mary Jo Buttafuoco‘s new book, Getting It Through My Thick Skull, which I devoured like sour candy! I even adored the subtitle, “Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need To Know.”

Mary Jo, as you’ll recall, was the Massapequa, Long Island housewife who, in 1992, was shot in the face by Amy Fisher, the suburban Lolita who was having an affair with Mary Jo’s husband Joey and felt wifey was getting in the way. Amy was sent to jail for a while, but Mary Jo had to endure the worse hell of physical agony, media dismissal, and sticking with her nutjob husband.

Reading the memoir, you can relate to her dark attraction to a sociopath, understanding why we endlessly forgive these types until enough is finally enough and we angrily stick a talisman on the door. The best part of the book is when Mary Jo finally frees herself and finds a whole new life with another man and fresh surgery thanks to an Oprah show makeover!

By the way, the above photo by Rob Roth catches me reading the book as my LIRR train (headed to the Fire Island ferry) passed through Massapequa! Creepy!