The Whitney is running a career retrospective of conceptual artist Dan Graham, who has built a unique art-punker audience by working with musicians like Glenn Branca and Japanther. So, assume that the bands playing the museum tonight are ones that he either loves or would love. “Tropical punk” crew Abe Vigoda have more colorful textures and intoxicating rhythms than an entire year of Vampire Weekends. A howling, neon dervish straight from L.A., this four-man dance-party/pillow fight had such a heavy buzz behind 2008’s Skeleton LP that they come up before the actor on Google. On their recent EP, Reviver, Vigoda’s two-minute tantrums have extended into four-minute grooves that sound like David Byrne hijacking the Liars. Openers Grooms are like vintage Sonic Youth ruckus with a funkier rhythm section. They used to be called Muggabears and are all the better for changing their name.

Fri., July 17, 7 p.m., 2009