Bruni Picks His Top (New) Pizza Pies; Could An Aussie Be the One to Save Bluefin Tuna?


First Alan Richman listed his faves, then we did ours, and now Frank Bruni is getting in on the pizza judging action. Looking only at pizza places that have opened since 2004, he deems Motorino’s Pugliese pie “a masterpiece,” but “got almost no pleasure from the soggy pies at Keste.” [NY Times]

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams reveal how much they ate during the filming of Julie and Julia in the August issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. Apparently, Streep “gained 15 pounds” in her portrayal of Julia Child, while Adams “ate a lot!” Director Nora Ephron made sure everyone ate for real in the scenes. [NY Daily News]

If chefs are the rock stars of the culinary world (and farmers are its folk singers), then butchers are its indie bands. Fans thinks big guys wielding knives and covered in blood are sexy. But it’s mostly about high-quality meat from small producers. [NY Times]

Could an Aussie company have cracked the code to farming bluefin tuna? Hagen Stehr, chairman of Clean Seas Tuna, invested some $48 million into the breeding of bluefin tuna in captivity, something that has never been done successfully. Stehr’s company helped empty the seas of bluefin, and now he might be able to help save it from extinction. [Bloomberg]

Oscar Mayer, the retired chairman of the eponymous meat processing company, has died at the age of 95. He was the third Oscar Mayer in the family that founded Oscar Mayer Foods, which is now a division of Kraft. [AP via Google]