Grand Duchy


Duke Black Francis of Pixiesshire and his Duchess, Violet Clark, are the two chief citizens of Grand Duchy, which is really more like the real-life husband and wife’s synth-heavy alt-rock la-la lovechild (which, we guess, they birthed to compete with their three living, breathing offspring). Their debut, Petits Fours, at times sounds like a schmaltzier new-wave Pixies but can also stand up against Francis’s recent, infectiously poppy solo releases, such as Bluefinger (which contained Clark guest spots). They even dabble gracefully in Auto-Tune, which is further proof that Francis could sing the Yellow Pages and make them sound good. Catch ’em tonight or the following day at the Voice‘s free Siren Festival at Coney Island.

Fri., July 17, 10:30 p.m., 2009