Marion Barry Voicemails to Alleged Stalking Victim Mostly Sad


Here’s a fun way to spend a couple of minutes: reading the transcripts — or actually listening to — former D.C. Mayor and current D.C. city councilmember Marion Barry’s alleged voice mails to the woman he is accused of stalking. The Washington City Paper got the goods from the ex-husband of Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, for harassment of whom Barry was recently arrested. The VMs are just sad and mopey, with Barry insisting that he’s trying to “save her life” and that he won’t call her again (and then calling her again), but there’s a bonus: a recording of what is portrayed as an argument between Barry and Watts-Brighthaupt, in which the former Mayor’s girlfriend says, “You put me out in Denver cause I wouldn’t suck your dick,” referring to an incident in which Barry allegedly chucked her and her clothes out of a Crowne Plaza hotel room during last year’s Democratic National Convention for the aforementioned offense, which obliged her to sleeping in a parking garage. Watts-Brighthaupt was hired onto Barry’s staff shortly after they started dating.