Although “the underrated Beatle” seems entirely antithetical, Paul McCartney certainly is it. Just because he didn’t have a sitar and/or propagandist rage strapped to his back, despite all the brilliant nuances in pop songwriting and production he contributed, it’s never been cool to find Macca as your fabbest of the four. Which is why his live show comes as the most obvious of surprises: It’s absolutely electrifying, a marathon set of communal love, spot-on musicianship, honest-to-God fireballs, and some very leftist song selections. (Think he won’t trip out to “Back in the USSR”? It’s positively badass.) Now, 44 years after the Beatles brought the new world to Shea Stadium as the first wave of the British Invasion, McCartney will inaugurate Citi Field across the street; he’ll carry that weight, and then some. With the Script.

July 17-19, 6:30 p.m., 2009