Jonathan LeVine Gallery is presenting the works of two very distinct French street artists. The only other thing they have in common, aside from hailing from France, is that they also have very intriguing aliases. In WK Interact’s first solo exhibition, Motion Portrait, the artist who mostly does site-specific pieces and large murals is now showcasing, aside from pieces that depict entire bodies in motion, a portrait series called 12 Angry Men (referencing the classic film), which features male subjects painted in black-and-white acrylic on raw canvas, each measuring six feet square. Invader brings his new works in the show titled Top 10, which features his signature mosaic and pixel-based aesthetic displaying two- and three-dimensional works. Invader has selected to replicate, in his rubikcubism style, the top 10 albums of his generation, which include the Clash’s London Calling, the Beatles’ Abbey Road, and Nirvana’s Nevermind.

July 22-25, 2009