Paterson to Go on TV at 5 p.m.


Governor Paterson is going on TV at 5 p.m. He will almost certainly address the Albany Coup, which is a month old today, but no one know what specific remedies he will offer. The Albany Times-Union thinks he may announce the appointment of a lieutenant governor, a move which attorney general Andrew Cuomo has suggested is unconstitutional in this state; the Times-Union says he has discussed the idea with his own counsel as a means of breaking the state senate deadlock. There has been some discussion of a deal between the warring factions and WCBS Radio thinks the Governor may announce a deal, but we hear such reports all the time and so far they haven’t meant anything.

Maybe he’ll cross everyone up and just announce his support for the anti-shackling bill that would keep pregnant prisoners in the state from being chained up as they give birth. Or maybe he’ll resign. That seems to be the thing these days.