Prosecutors Ask 145 Years for Fraudster-Lawyer Dreier; Sentence Would Leave Madoff Champ


Marc S. Dreier, the onetime big shot New York lawyer who got nabbed pretending to be other people in order to scam suckers out of hundreds of millions of dollars, is coming up for sentencing, and prosecutors are asking that he receive 145 years. This would show the government’s lack of tolerance for white-collar crime, and also allow Bernie Madoff to keep his record as the New Depression’s current years-sentenced leader.

Dreier’s lawyers don’t see it that way, of course, and argue on behalf of a lighter sentence that Dreier has recompensed some of his victims, though he also used some of the stolen money to subsidize the law firm was used to run and to reward himself with little tchotchkes like a 121-foot yacht and a $39 million art collection. A bankruptcy judge is liquidating Dreier’s real estate holdings to gain some relief for the lawyer’s unrecompensed creditors.