Where Rik Cordero and Fiery Furnaces Collide


Whimsical Brooklyn brother-sister act Fiery Furnaces released the distinctly sitcom-y “The End Is Near” in June, as a prelude to their eighth album, I’m Going Away, due out in a couple of Tuesdays. The song contains the couplet “Woe is me/Etc.: Lonely. See…,” something we know for a fact (down to the punctuation!) because the lyrics are posted over at WNYC’s Soundcheck blog, as an aid to a video contest the site is holding–YOU make a video for the song, etc. etc. Hilariously, this contest will be judged by Rik Cordero, probably the most wacky, flashy rap music video director this side of Hype Williams. He, the Fiery Furnaces, and YOU will converge on Soundcheck, the radio version, come September, should your film win. Anyway, above is the video WNYC’s posted to get you started, in which Matthew Friedberger assays both a Bob Dylan impression and a bit of philosophy: “Our lives, they’re not feature films anymore–big feature film spectaculars. They’re just tiny, little, maybe sad TV shows.” I dunno, Matthew. Have you seen a little thing called “Deeper than Rap”?