A Gallery of Burger King’s Classiest Ads


Burger King is really on a roll, having managed to offend Hindus and Mexicans, plus anyone who dislikes stupidly overt blowjob jokes, in a matter of months.

The latest, depicting the Hindu goddess Lakshmi perched on top of what looks like a ham-and-cheese sandwich, plays on the goddess’s usual pose on a lotus flower. The ad is extra special because Hindus never mix meat and religious practice–even those who usually eat meat might go veg for a holy day, and most priests are vegetarian. The tagline reads, “The snack is sacred.” It sure is!

Then there’s the Texican Whopper–“the taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican.” Aha! Do you get it? Mexicans are really short, of spicy disposition, and also they like to wear their flag as a poncho, while wrestling. The Mexican ambassador to Spain was less than thrilled!

And finally, a lovely little rendition–shown only in Singapore, of all places–of a blond giving a blowjob to a seven-inch…sandwich! And just in case you didn’t get it, the word “blow” is plastered across the ad.

The funny thing is, Burger King keeps giving these weird, standard-issue apologies–“We didn’t mean to offend any of our customers,” etc–and yet they keep rolling out these bizarre ads. It’s definitely a way to keep people talking about Burger King, but does it really put anyone in the mood for a Whopper?