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Bernie Madoff announces he won’t appeal his 150-year sentence — which is prudent, we suppose; what’s he going to do, get it knocked down to 100? Now it may be time to pay more attention to other figures in the Madoff debacle. At The Smart Asset, our own Ward Harkavy is interested in the fortunes of Lori Richards, head of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s examinations division, whose planned departure from the SEC, he notices, will take place just as “the SEC’s internal probe of her department’s failures in the Bernie Madoff case is released in August.” Harkavy also notices Richards’ ties to the Madoff family and buyer-beware attitude toward securities fraud.

La Daily Musto breaks the sobering news of Joyce DeWitt’s DUI bust — and invites readers to play the old childhood game, Which Of These Two Would You Sleep With? Current contenders: Whoopi Goldberg or Betty White. Go!

Sound of the City has a peculiar Fiery Furnaces promo video, and deets on the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Fork in the Road continues its popular Top Ten series by soliciting pre-comments for its Ten Best Chinese Restaurants. Hurry while you still have a chance to be Frist! As for All City, we really can’t pick a favorite.