Dueling They Might Be Giants Interviews: One for the Kids, and One for the Streets


A splendidly busy weekend for outdoor shows is in the offing: Calle 13 at Central Park Summerstage, Mission of Burma/Fucked Up at the Williamsburg Waterfront, etc. But those of you with young, impressionable offspring not yet mature enough to handle reggaeton or profane band names might want to opt for Saturday afternoon’s youngin-friendly Celebrate Brooklyn! fete with They Might Be Giants. Our love for this band is well-established, and let it be known that the highlights of their new children’s-music phase are basically indistinguishible from their adults-only jams. Request “Seven.”

To get you in the mood, there’s friend-of-SOTC Peter S. Scholtes interviewing TMBG co-conspirator John Flansburgh twice: once for adults, and once for kids. The latter is brief but still hilarious: Finally, the proper venue to open an interview with “What is your favorite number, and why?”