Dunkin’ Donuts Goes Canadian; Dole Goes Bananas Over ‘Bananas!’


Following a Daily News article on poor New Yorkers catching toxic fish to feed their families, the city has announced plans to install 250 new signs warning would-be fishermen of the dangers of eating locally caught fish, namely PCB contamination and high levels of mercury. [NY Daily News]

Dole is now suing the makers of the film Bananas! for slander. The film documented a 2007 trial involving Nicaraguan farm workers who claimed the company was aware of a chemical used on the crops that could make the workers sterile. [Bloomberg]

13 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in New York will become Tim Hortons, a coffee-shop brand famous in Canada. The stores will close Friday and reopen July 13 under the new name. Tim Hortons already has three co-branded restaurants in midtown Manhattan. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

A year after New York started requiring that restaurants list the caloric value of the foods on their menus, the effects of the law are being studied. The research doesn’t look at the impact on a person’s diet overall, just on what a person chooses for a particular meal. [Wall Street Journal]