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Inside The Minds of Michael Jackson’s Children


You really have to feel for Michael Jackson‘s kids, who were tools of faux normalcy for a weird pop star who wasn’t really their biological father and who covered them with sheets and blankets for their own good. They never asked to be brought into a web of deceptions and quirks, but they’ve survived, no doubt with pain, conflicted feelings, and finger marks from being dangled on balconies.

As they emerge into the sunlight, can you imagine how confused these poor kids are? Can’t you just picture their thoughts?

“So the man without a face wasn’t really our father? And what happened to the woman who was supposed to be our mother? (Well, the mother of some of us, anyway.) I don’t remember her at all. At least Daddy was a lot of fun when he was around–and thanks to him, there were always a lot of other kids around the house to play with, tee hee.

“And now he’s gone, just like Bubbles and the tigers. We miss the laughs–and we needed those comeback concerts to help pay the bills. And now we’re gonna be given to grandma? But daddy always used to talk about what a horrible creep grandpa was. We hope he’s not going to be around that much. He’s the one who made daddy into an eccentric with no nose and no self esteem…At least the only sheets and blankets are on our beds now, right? Right?”