Lech Walesa Attacks Madonna


We thought Peter King attacking Michael Jackson was a one-off, but it appears the war on pop stars has gone global. We learn from Joe My God that Polish Solidarity hero Lech Walesa is defending his native land against Madonna. She plans a concert in Warsaw on August 15, which happens to be the Feast of the Assumption, associated with the earlier, Biblical Madonna, Mother of Christ, and the Nobel Prize winner considers the concert a “satanic provocation.” A representative of the country’s Law and Justice Party — mostly known outside Poland for its opposition to gay rights — has taken up Walesa’s cause and will conduct a prayer crusade against the concert, to commence on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, which seems to us a rather sacrilegious conflation of events. Another Polish Catholic group threatens the concert organizers with arrest for an “offence of religious feelings.”

Poland used to be pretty tough on Jews and seems to have redirected its anger onto pop stars. Well, it’s a step in the right direction anyway.