Ravitch Oath of Office Delayed by Restraining Order, But He May Already Be Sworn In


Richard Ravitch’s appointment by Governor Paterson as Lieutenant Governor was immediately greeted by a restraining order from Dean Skelos and Pedro Espada, which was signed by a judge early this morning. Skelos and Espada claim, among other things, that “this action [Ravitch’s appointment] is a blatant violation of the terms of the New York State Constitution and is unprecedented in the history of this state,” and reassert Espada’s argument that the president pro tem of the senate — Espada, in Espada’s view — is the “acting lieutenant governor.” Paterson, Ravitch and the Secretary of the State are summoned to a hearing on the matter. But Ravitch says he was sworn in last night. Ravitch and Paterson will hold a press conference later this morning, and Ravitch is expected to preside, or attempt to preside, over the 3 p.m. state senate session. You can imagine how that will turn out.