Stars Line Up for Sotomayor Hearings: David Cone Pro, NRA Con


Well, we have the lineup for the upcoming hearings on Supreme Court Appointee and local gal Sonia Sotomayor, which begin Monday, and along with the constitutional lawyers and such like we have some celebs. The Republicans have Frank Ricci, the white New Haven firefighter who was passed over for promotion, leading to the Sotomayor affirmative-action decision which the Supreme Court recently reversed. Joining him will be Former National Rifle Association president Sandy Froman, anti-abortion activist Dr. Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life (who will perhaps revive her 2005 call that a man be appointed to the Court to redress the current 1-8 gender imbalance), and Fox News analyst Linda Chavez. On the Democrats’ bench: fellow New Yorkers Mike Bloomberg, Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau, and Representatives Jose Serrano and Nydia Velazquez, as well as former FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Mets/Yankees pitcher David Cone, presumably included as an expert witness on the baseball strike Sotomayor helped settle. Roll out that red carpet, Washington! And make sure the hearings don’t run late so the kids can see Coney.