Still Missing: Laura Garza


You may wonder whether some of the popular crime stories of months past that have mainly been dropped ever achieve resolution. We do too, and looked back at the case of Laura Garza, the Texas girl who went missing after going to a local nightclub with convicted sex offender Michael Mele in December. The cops found bite and scratch marks on Mele, a piece of carpet mysteriously missing from his home, and a machete somewhere therein, but had to hold him on probation charges due to lack of related evidence. The cops vigorously pursued their investigation, but have not announced any breakthroughs, and last month a judge ruled that the most serious probation violation imputed against Mele, having to do with stolen credit cards found at his home, had to be thrown out. He remains in custody in Orange County, but has not been charged in Garza’s disappearance, and refuses to answer questions about it. Garza’s friends and family continue to hold out hope for justice, and last month held a memorial outside the Marquee, the club where Garza was last seen.