Tonight! New York Eye and Ear Festival, Brendon Small, Tim Hagans, LAMC


Tonight we give props to the infant, hopelessly unsustainable civilization young Brooklynites have built for themselves. The music these kids concoct is so innocent, so unworldly: catch it now before the asbestos in their hastily-redecorated warehouse walls exterminates everyone. Nymph, Begushkin, and Dinowalrus cross the river for a New York Eye and Ear Festival showcase, while Justice of the Unicorns hold down the fort at Bruar Falls in Williamsburg.

Metalocalypse mastermind Brendon Small also wrote, recorded, and produced both of Dethklok’s albums. So by Adult Swim’s calculations, this guy is the second coming of Odin. He’s at Santos’ Party House.

Tim Hagans has the chops to make his trumpet speak, and the sense to stick to standards. He begins a week at Birdland.

The Latin Alternative Music Conference hosts its first panels at the Roosevelt Hotel, both of which are somehow named after European pop songs–You Can Go Your Own Way: Indie Artist Tour Success Stories, and Politik Kills: Latin Artists & Political Engagement in the Era of Obama.