An International Doughnut War & a Coffee Shop Jihad


Have tough economic times led to a surge in food preservation? Perhaps. The National Center for Home Food Preservation at the University of Georgia in Athens has noticed more men and women interested in preserving and canning foods.

The Times takes a look at the Tim Hortons brand, which will replace 13 Dunkin’ Donuts in Midtown. The brand is extremely popular in Canada, perhaps because Tim Horton himself was an all-star hockey player. Its challenge will be to gain brand loyalty in this country.
[NY Times]

The Daily News also looks at the Canadian invasion, depicting it as an international doughnut war, and talks to Dunkin’ regulars who are upset over their beloved coffee chain being ousted by a Canadian company.
[NY Daily News]

Why are Southerners so fat? For starters, they’re poor, which means they eat more calorie-dense food. But, apparently, it’s less about heavy regional food specialties, and more about the lack of bus stops.

The Statue of Liberty replica stolen from Brooklyn coffee shop Vox Pop has resurfaced in a disturbing YouTube video that shows it being decapitating and smashed. The video, dated July 4th, shows an American flag and the slogans “We don’t want your freedom” and “Death to America.”