Ha Ha Obama Maybe Looking at a Girl’s Butt!


Here is the Internet Photo of the Last Half-Hour or So, showing Obama at the G-8 conference in Italy looking in the general direction of a pretty girl’s ass while Nicolas Sarkozy affects the pose of le raisonneur, or maybe le wingman. We would of course be delighted to report that rightbloggers have gone nuts over it, but while some are inspired to their usual witticisms (“He may be looking at her, but when it comes to ‘stimulus,’ we are the ones getting screwed!”) and others ruminate on the possible underage status of the girl, most treat it with the Thank God It’s Friday level of seriousness it deserves. Even the volume outrage merchants at Hot Air have some perspective about it. Maybe the next time Obama needs a poll boost (fnar fnar), he can post a video of himself doing a Benny Hill routine.

Update: Ah crap, Talking Points Memo has to debunk it and spoil things for everybody. Fuck them, we still say he’s an assman.