Johnny Blitz of the Dead Boys, Injured in a Knife Fight…


so goes the latter half of the caption to this photo on Mark H. Miller’s 98Bowery site, which, in its entirety, reads: “Arturo Vega, Blitz Benefit, CBGB, May 4,5,6,7, 1978, Silkscreen T-Shirt, 1978 Benefit concert T shirt to help pay the medical expenses of Johnny Blitz of the Dead Boys injured in a knife fight.” The picture comes from the site’s newly posted Punk Art catalogue, drawn from a show Miller and Bettie Ringma first presented in D.C., in 1978 (it landed in New York later that same year), and have been adding to ever since. It’s a cheerfully weird tour through some of our darker downtown denizens and, of course, contains semi-nude photos of Debbie Harry, as these things must.

Punk Art Exhibition – The Catalogue
[98Bowery, via Bowery Boogie]