Liza Explains Stonewall For You


I’m a little late on this one, so I’ll just classify it as a “YouTube Treasure” from two whole weeks ago. It’s a priceless appearance by legendary Liza Minnelli at the Gay Pride festivities in Paris, where the Oscar and Tony winner was all wired up and excited about celebrating the 50th anniversay of Stonewall. (Actually, it was the 40th, and you’d think Liza would know that; as she points out in her speech, it almost coincided with her mama’s death.)

Liza also claims that “some of us were there,” which I can only imagine she means in the figurative sense. And she swears that every single Monday night, people at the Stonewall ended up behind bars in jail. Every single week? Ah, who can remember? Whatever the case, I love a gay history lesson as taught by the woman with the worst gaydar in history. I mean it–she’s really cute!