Mets, and Ex-Mets, Have Cursed Week (UPDATE: Ryan Church Traded)


Boy do things suck for the Mets right now. They had a bad home stand with the Dodgers, dropping five and a half back in the NL East, Fernando Martinez just went on the DL, and on Wednesday an Alex Cora foul ball hit popular ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews in the chin.

Even ex-Mets are cursed. Lenny Dykstra just went bankrupt, and Carlos Gomez, traded to Minnesota last year, got chased by a ghost in a Milwaukee hotel, and ran into the lobby in his underwear.

Analysts paint a grim picture. Fox Sports’ Bob Klapisch suggests the Mets skip the All-Star Game, for which four of them have been picked: “The Mets’ karma has been so uniformly bad,” he says, “keeping their remaining stars healthy is reason enough for them to take a few days off this week.” “Time for everyone in the Mets organization to man up and realize this season is done,” says the Kranepool Report, “and work on dealing off guys like Ryan Church, Garry Sheffield, Brian Schineder and Fernando Tatis to name four.”

The possible bright side: more booing.

Update: Well, they took care of Ryan Church. Now watch him get hot. “A Sad But Necessary Ending,” says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Francoeur is a baseball player with a football mentality, and that doesn’t cut it over the long haul.” What, he’s aggressive? He tackles people? Maybe we’ll start going to Citi Field again.

The experts speak! “Thank God the Mets finally have a player who doesn’t create runs and plays disappointing defense,” says Professor Scott Lemieux. “Thank God Francoeur the rally killer is now gone!” says a Braves fan. Image via wikipedia.