Newly “Empowered” State Senate Passes 135 Bills, Fights


Goodbye Albany Coup, hello Supersenate. The New York state senate, having settled its month-long stalemate to the advantage of new majority leader Pedro Espada and “empowerment,” went back to work and passed 135 bills, not including the mayoral control renewal, which is expected at some future date, but including the new city sales tax. There was a brief impasse as Republicans, angered by the failure of the newly empowered Dems to expeditiously move on the rules reforms that were allegedly the cause of the Coup and about which they had rhapsodized earlier, started blocking bills. They worked that out with further promises, then continued legislating till 2 a.m., which sounds like a long day, but they’ve had so many short ones since June 8 that they probably enjoyed flexing their law-making muscles.