“Superman” and “Batman” Nabbed in Funny Police-State Abuse of Power


Tee-hee. The Post has a “fun” story about a couple of guys who dressed up as Superman and Batman, then hit the pedestrian mall at Times Square. They were having a great time until cops came and asked if they were licensed to “perform” in costume in public — a requirement new to us. (Do they issue tickets on Halloween?) The men said no and, when the cops demanded ID, they said no again — a refreshing response, and one a citizen of a non-police state should be able to give without being tackled by several officers, as “Superman” was. The cops claim their costumed target assaulted one of their number and, of course, “resisted arrest.” We wonder if the whole thing was staged to show people that even Superman and Batman must follow imbecilic nanny-state laws or be crushed by our paramilitary constables. Maybe one day they’ll take people in for appearing in the costume of Winston Smith.