Tales From ‘Tales’: Danny DeVito Puckers Up


Fork in the Road has hit the cocktail trail at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, from which regular dispatches will be posted this week.

For anyone who has ever been to the picturesque town of Sorrento, the memory of citrus smells being carried on the salt breeze likely lingers.

So it is for Danny DeVito. The limoncello that bears his name is made in Sorrento from the zest of local organic lemons. The zest is soaked in pure alcohol for a secret number of days. Secret, of course, because in Italy, whether talking about Galliano or your nonna‘s marinara sauce, there always has to be a secret to the recipe.

“I wanted to make it sweet but not too sweet,” says DeVito. “It’s pleasant. It’s easy to mix. I mix it with Prosecco, vodka, tequila, or even mint tea.”

If a lemonade liqueur is up your alley, you might even enjoy it served with a sprig of thyme in the glass to offset the sweetness. DeVito also suggests freezing San Pellegrino or soda water and pouring the limoncello over top.

“I’m always in California working. I’m a workaholic. But I go [to Italy] whenever I can,” says the New Jersey-born actor. “I brought [the limoncello] on The View and on Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy actually drank it with me, and we got, well, pretty wasted… I always talk about it. It’s the elixir of my ancestors.”

DeVito’s appearance at the event, with wife Rhea in tow, might lead one to speculate over who might be the celebrity guest at next year’s Tales. Could the drink slingers of the country be so lucky as to talk tequila with Justin Timberlake? Or might Ludacris and his entourage show up to hawk cognac? All we know is that if Dan Aykroyd comes anywhere near the event with his skull-shaped bottle of “premium” vodka, we might just have to boycott it altogether.