The Best Thing Of The Week: Karaoke at Grand Central


Century 21 sponsored the “Path to Your Dreams Sweepstakes Karaoke Contest” at Grand Central last month. It was won by Kimberly Green who received $221,000 toward “the home of her dreams,” but as far are we’re concerned the contestants, whose videos have just been posted at Century 21’s YouTube channel, are all winners. We especially like the guy who does Shaggy and RikRok on “It Wasn’t Me”, and this account executive belting “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” and the physical performance of this cowboy rocking “American Girl.” The crowd shots on “Walking on Sunshine” are spectacular, and who doesn’t wuv a widdle girl singing the National Anthem? But our very favorite is the one shown above, if only for her facial English and echoes of Lili Von Schtupp on “At Last.” Enjoy the weekend!

Update: Whoa, how’d we miss this? The best “A Hard Day’s Night” ever! Feelin’ you holdin’ me tight! Tight!