Throgs Neck (aka Throggs Neck) Bridge Closed Indefinitely After Fire (UPDATE: Queens-bound Lanes Open!) (UPDATE 2: 2 Bronx-bound Lanes to Open)


See, here’s why we don’t have a car: we’re broke. No, seriously, we don’t have a car because we can’t drive. But if we could drive and did have money for a car, we probably wouldn’t get one because traffic here is a nightmare — we’re the worst city for traffic in America after Los Angeles, according to an Inrix study — and because sometimes a bridge catches fire and makes things even worse. The Throgs Neck suffered a three-alarm blaze this morning, and now the bridge is closed “indefinitely.” Traffic is being redirected to the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, where the Post reports “traffic is snarled.” The fire started on a construction scaffold; its cause has yet to be determined.

(BTW we’re going with the “Throgs Neck” spelling because that seems to be the accepted style, though Throggs Neck is our preference because it’s the usage of local organizations.)

Update: The Queens-bound lanes opened a little after 1 p.m, though the scaffold continues to “smolder.” No word yet on the Bronx-bound lanes. JohnPMcLaughlin counsels, “take Queens Blvrd to 59th St. Bridge.”

Update 2: MTA says two of the three Bronx-bound lanes will open “this evening,” but the third will be closed through the weekend at least. Image via wikipedia.