Tom Duane Expects a “Short Delay” on Gay Marriage in State Senate


After the resolution of the Coup, Empire State Pride Agenda declared, “now that the stalemate is over and the State Senate has resumed its business, we expect that our equality will remain at the top of the chamber’s agenda.” No such luck. The 135 bills the newly-fixed state senate passed last night did not include the gay marriage bill passed by the assembly in May, and a statement by state senator Tom Duane, the bill’s powerful advocate, gives faint hope that it will come up on their calendar anytime soon.

“As disappointing as it is to admit,” Duane says in an email, “it is clear that this week is not the right moment for same-sex marriage legislation.”

He goes on: “Senators need some time and distance to regroup after this month’s partisan-charged and explosive atmosphere… If this means a short delay in order for marriage to become law it is well worth the wait.”

Other, less powerful advocates are not pleased. “New York Senate Gets Its Crap Together, Just In Time to Ignore Marriage,” says Queerty. “That very same senate held a late night session and passed a number of bills, including one that eliminated citizen requirements for horse doctors,” says NGblog. “We WILL remember this come election time,” says Joe My God. “OH YES, WE WILL.” We doubt their patience will increase over the weekend.