Week in Review: Let’s Do Our Part to Deep-Six the Internet


Rebecca Smeyne took this photo at the Woodsist Festival of Thee Ohsees, who’re playing Siren Festival next weekend.

In the week that Zach and Rob did their part to deep-six the internet by live-blogging the Michael Jackson Memorial (they failed), Rep Peter King continued his anti-Michael Jackson rant and observed a reverent, respectful day of silence on Tuesday. But as it turned out, King wasn’t able to call Michael Jackson a Pedophile on the House Floor.

That same week, we got an irate comment from Rik Cordero, probably the most wacky, flashy rap music video director this side of Hype Williams. We said hey to Brooklyn’s Own Revelations, stars of the new sorta-Wu-Tang Disc, and agreed that Bleecker Street is no longer ’60s music mecca. We listened to Horehound by the Dead Weather, Jack White’s (latest) supergroup. Fabolous welcomed us to his workplace–this time, NSFW-style. And Jay-Z announced that he would be put that whole not-writing-things down thing to the test.

Live, Daft Punk played the House of Representatives. Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis got “fucking” festive on the Fourth of July. We counted the number of actual blondes in the kraut-tastic band Blondes (0) at the New York Eye & Ear Fest II. Anal Cunt covered Lenny Kravitz at Public Assembly. And that last paragraph was dedicated to all the “fine ladies in the crowd.”

What else? Johnny Blitz of the Dead Boys was injured in a knife fight (sorta). Central Park Sound Tunnel played back thatargument you had in the zoo a few months back. Juana Molina talked about the joys of playing outdoors. Details emerged on the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. The city saved the Issue Project Room. And Jay Reatard fired a shot at the Pains of Being Bored at Heart.

Solange Knowles and La La Vazquez got drunk and danced to Animal Collective. Vivian Girls side project Babies already enraged people. Wilco: The Album was the best-selling record at Sound Fix in Williamsburg. Amazing Baby released a second video for “Headdress,” which showcased white mice, a llama, and a caped booby witch.

Lastly, the Siren Festival schedule and stage times were announced. Go there–and home–fools.