Jay-Z Mashup Projects Stop Now, Please. Please.


Since Jay-Z is ostensibly the most powerful man in all of the music industry, or close, perhaps he could demand the return of his acapellas from the computers of mixtape DJs worldwide, so that we’re all spared Jaydiohead: The Encore, the sequel to one of the more maligned smashup projects of this year, in which DJ Max Tannone returns to the Jay-Z/Radiohead well to delight…who exactly? What human being needs to be told “Song Cry” (mixed here, to ostensibly tearjerking effect, with “High and Dry”) was a pretty emo song? Or alternately, that “Encore” is as convincing as rock opera (we see you Linkin Park!) as it was as Kanye lounge anthem? Or that this–a genre that’s already seen both the Grey Album and, uh, the Slack Album–was a bad idea before it even got off the ground?

The Encore: Five All New Tracks! [Jaydiohead]