Mob Expert: Slain Staten Island Man May Have Been in on Planned Prosecutor Hit


Well, Graham did say it was a possible Mob hit, and now an expert suggests there may be something to it. Gangland analyst Jerry Capeci hears that Anthony Seccafico, who was gunned down in Staten Island on July 2, had prior to his demise been under investigation for possible involvement in a thwarted plot to kill a federal prosecutor. Imprisoned mobster Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano is thought to have engendered the plan, and Capeci learned Seccafico was also “overheard” chatting about it.

Capeci adds that Seccafico had been accused of playing a little high-handed with important gangsters to whose family members he was supposed to direct funds, and a source tells him, “He disrespected a lot of good fellows and he paid the price.” He also mentions that Seccafico had been tasked with getting a new suit for capo Patty DeFilippo to wear in court, and scrimped by getting the ensemble from Men’s Warehouse. “It is one thing to shortchange the families of imprisoned fellow mobsters,” he says. “But sending your capo into the courtroom wearing a baggy, off-the-rack set of threads? That can be fatal.”