Old Methadone Clinic Now a Noisy Greenpoint Hostel


A reader tells Greenpoint blogger Miss Heather that at the Marzili Hostel on Clay Street in Greenpoint, young residents have been observed “milling around the front of the building and on a picnic bench in the parking lot… playing techno music dancing [and] having a general good time” through the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps the backpackers are channeling the surpressed desires of the long-departed former occupants from the building’s days as a methadone clinic. Miss Heather digs through the public records and suspects the property is held by the owner of the Greenpoint Hotel, a notorious and hilarious flophouse. The only user review we could find testifes, “I liked the cheap prices,” but gives the Marzili a “fun factor” of 60/100, which makes us wonder what neighbors of 100/100 fun factor hostels experience.