Somebody Got Murdered: Woman Found Slain In Downtown Office Building


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DATE: Saturday, July 11.
LOCATION: 2 Rector St., Manhattan

The police are investigating an elevator operator in a downtown office building for the murder of a cleaning woman, whose body was found stuffed into an air duct Saturday.

The elevator guy Joseph Pabon, 26, of Staten Island claims he had nothing to do with the murder of Eridania Rodriguez, 46, of Manhattan who was initially reported missing by police last Wednesday. Rodriguez died from suffocation.

Pabon’s lawyer complained to the Daily News that cops have been following him around and questioned him for 25 hours. Detectives obtained a search warrant for Pabon’s car yesterday.

Rodriguez was discovered in the air duct on the 12th floor. Her mouth had been taped shut, the New York Post reports. The Post and the Daily News have conflicting reports on whether she was alive when she was tossed into the duct. The Post says no. The News says yes.

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