Sotomayor Hearings End for Day; Conservatives Commit to Defeating Lindsey Graham


Well, that was a quick session: just a bunch of Senators going homina homina, including committee virgin Al Franken, and Sotomayor telling her fascinating life story. ” I felt the pain and suffering of families torn apart by the needless death of loved ones,” she said. Whatta Latina liberal wuss! Judges are supposed to be about Jesus and hanging.

Sotomayor also mentioned that she’d received one judicial appointment from George Bush the First, which must certainly have enraged conservatives still smarting from Senator Lindsey Graham’s capitulation this morning. If Graham votes for her, says Jeff Schreiber, “I never, ever, ever want to hear Senator Graham ever advocate adherence to the United States Constitution again… And that goes for any Republican.” “Don’t get me started on RINO Lindsey Graham,” says Right Truth. “The cornpone Arlen Specter,” says Power Line, referencing another GOP traitor. “Jeff Sessions and Tom Coburn seem to be the only Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee,” says American Spectator. You watch — they’re gonna get him after gym!

Right Truth also criticizes Sotomayor’s demeanor at the hearing: “Her expression is static, no movement of body, hands glued to the table… almost zombie-like,” which contradicts what he learned about those people in West Side Story.