Sotomayor Ordeal Continues


The Senators are getting in their hits. Charles Grassley says, “I’m not looking to support a creative jurist,” and Jon Kyl denigrates Sotomayor’s interest in foreign law, which he calls “simply irrelevant.” But that’s the Republicans for you — always against creativity and fancy foreign law.

New York’s own Chuck Schumer defends Sotomayor, says she’s held for the government in an overwhelming number of immigration cases, which, well, you know. He also says she “rolls up her sleeves,” which speaks to her industry.

Republican Lindsey Graham actually predicts that barring “a complete meltdown,” Sotomayor will be confirmed, a dagger at the heart of rightbloggers. “Graham’s Kabuki act is rather transparent,” says Michelle Malkin, etching Graham’s name into her voluminous Republican shitlist. “How Lindsey Graham Is Likely To Save Sonia Sotomayor,” says National Review‘s Campaign Spot. “Let’s take the culture war into the Supreme hearings now Call Sen Graham now!” tweets CULTURESHOCKTV. Well, at least they’re at home yelling rather than in the chamber.