Booze News: A Cocktail Convention Comes to a Close; Wine May Keep You Sane, Says Study


The seventh annual Tales of the Cocktail convention came to a close on Sunday. Industry insiders shared information about drinking trends, offered seminars on mixology techniques, and buried a bad cocktail. Last year, bartenders said goodbye to the Appletini; this year, the lesser-known Redheaded Slut was put to rest.

Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh’s book Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails offers a crash course in “Cocktail Archaeology.” In addition to educating on the importance of bitters, it unearths such classic drinks as the Income Tax Cocktail and the Lion’s Tail.
[The Atlantic Food Channel]

Americans are drinking more wine overall, but the country’s wealthiest drinkers are cutting down on fine wines. The slump in wine sales is being seen in bottles priced at $25 or more, which has impacted some wineries so much that they have put themselves up for sale.
[Wall Street Journal]

Researchers have found that drinking one to two glasses of wine per day decreases the chances of developing dementia in people 75 years and older. Despite the lower risk of dementia, non-drinkers are not recommended to start drinking for their mental health.
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Nightclubs around the city have been caught by the State Liquor Authority for refilling top-shelf liquor bottles with cheaper booze, watering down drinks, and serving cocktails full of fruit flies. The Chelsea club Marquee settled for $100,000 in fines last October for such violations.
[NY Post]