Incredibly Cheap Eats: Over-Rice Combos at East Corner Wonton


The venerable Cantonese coffee shops in Manhattan’s Chinatown continue to offer some of the best meal deals in town. East Broadway is rich in these places, and so are Mott and Grand. The charcuterie hanging in the window–lacquered ducks, red-glazed spare ribs, pale poached chickens, roast baby pig, and, sometimes, cuttlefish, chicken wings, and anise-laced sausages–are the lure. Combinations of the above are served over rice with a sweet brown barbecue sauce. For an extra 50 cents, you can add an egg to the mix. You must ask for the salty scallion-ginger relish that makes the plate explode; generally, you won’t be charged for it.

East Corner Wonton, despite its new orange awning, is of ancient vintage, and the charcuterie combos over rice are some of the best in town. Will you be surprised to hear they also turn out exemplary bowls of wonton soup, with or without noodles, and various other splendid over-rice dishes? For breakfast, there’s congee, the creamy rice soup. 70 East Broadway, 212-343-9896

Two choices (pictured: duck and red-glazed pork ribs) over a mountain of rice, a poached egg, tea, and “green relish,” $5.25