Sotomayor Hearings Spark Yelling, Levity, Odd Constituent Tweets


Sotomayor was just explaining her eminent domain decision to Charles Grassley when someone started yelling about abortion again. The dour Grassley’s comment: “I always said I had the ability to turn people on.” He’s been waiting to use that joke a long time, we expect.

Our favorite tweet of the hearing thus far: “Make $500.00 a day with New Google Wave… Michael Jackson bruno harry potter pirates Sotomayor.” Yes, that’s how important this is to America. Others: “he’s clubbing Sotomayor on property rights like a baby seal,” “Some of these Senators are acting like they werent in office when Bush did away with the 1st amend.”

The most interesting twittersation, however, is between Patricia Llanes (“Flaming Liberal”) and Republican Representative Jack Kimble (“Conservative Congressman who is on Twitter to hear the voice of the people”):

tllanes Santorum

tllanes (I just wanted to say something filthy) Santorum.

RepJackKimble @Tllanes That’s spelled sanitarium

tllanes @RepJackKimble Don’t EVER correct me.

RepJackKimble @tllanes Then how will you learn from your mistakes?

tllanes @RepJackKimble i don’t make…those…those things you just said. That. I don’t make them.

RepJackKimble @tllanes Really? You should consider a career in politics

tllanes @RepJackKimble Too many skeletons. Way. Too. Many. Skeletons.

RepJackKimble @tllanes Don’t say that. You’d be surprised. I knew a Senator who shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

tllanes @RepJackKimble Perhaps I should start a PAC. To raise $$ to make the skeletons just…go away.

RepJackKimble @tllanes Oh that’s an excellent idea. Well, I must go fight against Sotomayor. Bye

Ah, the marketplace of ideas! Speaking of consensus, Russ Feingold is questioning Sotomayor now, so we can tune out for awhile.