Sotomayor Update: Temperament Problem?


Lindsey Graham asked Sotomayor if she had “a temperament problem.” On the internet, others stepped up with their own. “I would have given my queendom if she’d stood up and tossed her chair or something,” says Susan Campbell; “Dude, the fact that #sotomayor has not kicked you in the nuts is a testament to her temperment,” says ClecK.

Graham seems to want to make her jump. Maybe next he’ll ask her what she would do if her partner were raped and murdered, a la Bernard Shaw and Mike Dukakis.

You know how this goes: conservatives say things like “this rather breathtaking dishonesty provides strong grounds to vote against her confirmation,” liberals say things like “Sonia Sotomayor Explains The Many Dangers Of Ninja Nunchucks.” There is no phone-in poll, however, at least not a binding one. Wake us up when she throws a chair.