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Heed the Siren! Here comes the 9th Annual Siren Music Festival and related content:

Gleefully hostile, says Rob Harvilla of Future of the Left. On new album: acoustic guitar. Problem? “It’s irrelevant what old fans or old bands think,” says Falco. “If anything, it makes it more exciting to push it away from those people.” That’s the sprit! Fuck you!

Israeli cock rockers, says Camille Dodero of Monotonix. Once a garbage can dislocated Ami Shalev‘s shoulder. “Never stopped the show,” he says, “But it hurt like hell.” That’s the spirit! Cock rock!

We are as surprised as you to see Michael Musto in Fort Greene. But he was on a quest! Mindy Cohn of The Facts of Life, “so yay-gay that, in any new town, she immediately gravitates to the LGBT street so she can find her bearings,” is there shooting Bye Bye, Fruit Fly. Plus Jo Lynn BurksNashville tribute, Marcia Rodd in Don’t Leave It All to Your Children!, and an appreciation of the Pod Hotel. Reap his whirlwind tour!

Crapcake Cafe! How’d these glorified muffins get to be a Thing? Sarah DiGregorio explores, even sampling “Tonnie’s Minis’ vanilla offering,” which “seemed to be infused with a vile, vaguely pina colada flavor.” The least you can do is read.

Earlier this year the state senate Democrats nixed Pedro Espada Jr.’s attempt to direct $2 million in discretionary items to “a pair of brand-new nonprofit groups created by his own attorney,” says Tom Robbins. Espada then started the Albany Coup. Now that the Coup is over, Espada is majority leader, and discretionary items are “being redrafted to reflect a more equitable distribution of funds for the minority conference.” Ka-ching!

“I was born when you kissed me, I died when you left me, I lived a few weeks while you loved me.” We tear up just thinking about Nicholas Ray‘s In a Lonely Place (hard-bitten tears, mind you). J. Hoberman turns a Dick Steeley eye on the noir classic, revived at the Film Forum. He has thoughts on Ray’s other films too.

After last year’s Die Soldaten we’ll see anything at the Park Avenue Armory, and Michael Feingold tells us Les Éphémères really fills the immense space. “The point is to go with the flow,” he says, “to accept the fact that Time is the great devastator.” Well, we’re still going. Also: Ivanov.

Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman‘s Black Acid Co-op “does take you on a trip, but because its ingredients seem imperfectly mixed, it probably won’t take you high enough.” Wait, what do you mean? Daniel Kunitz explains.

Nick Laird, author of Glover’s Mistake, read (with his pug!) at Joe’s Pub. “Interviewing Nick Laird turns somehow to drinking with Nick Laird,” says Zach Baron. See? Literature is fun.


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