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What To Do with Michael Jackson’s Brain?


I may have hallucinated this, but the last I heard, Michael Jackson‘s brain was in the possession of medical people who were going to deduce various things from it after some careful examination. As if the King of Pop’s death (and life) weren’t already sci-fi enough!

After they’re finished poking and prodding it–and I’m sure it’s a quite sizable mass, so this could take months–what should be done with the thing?

*Stamp it to the ground so it can never hurt us again?


*Implant it into one of his siblings’ heads so they’ll suddenly be able to sing and dance way better?

While you ponder that query with your own gigantic cerebral masses, let me toss in a piece of bizarre trivia: In the movie of The Wiz, Michael played the scarecrow–i.e., the character who longs to have a brain. Creepy, huh?