Albany, Out of Coup, Still Finds Ways to Not Pass Mayoral Control


The newly-“empowered” (holds up hand, rubs fingers together) state senate is finally taking a look at the mayoral control of city schools bill, a reauthorization bill which passed the assembly a few decades ago but was stalled in the Albany Coup, causing mayoral control to expire and forcing Mayor Bloomberg to appoint his dummy Board of Education until the heat’s off.

How optimistic last night’s headlines were (“State Senate could end battle over mayoral control”)! But things have taken a turn for the typical. Jimmy Vielkind says the senate Dems, who aren’t Bloomberg’s best buddies, want to stick in some amendments — these were previously described as a “political message” to the UFT — and the Republicans say they won’t go for any such thing. Democratic conference leader John Sampson says he has “no idea” what will happen.

There’ll be no muscling-through this one: Though they got back to 32 members with the end of the Coup, the Democrats can’t achieve a quorum by themselves now because Brooklyn Democratic senator Daniel Squadron is on his honeymoon. (We never thought much of Squadron before, but must now admire his sense of priorities.) So this means more sitting around doing nothing — oops, sorry: “talks.”