Albany Payday! Espada Get “Redrafted” Member Items, Monserrate Gets Chairmanship, $12,500


In the Voice today you’ll find a lovely Tom Robbins story that notes the restoration of Pedro Espada’s fortunes since the Albany Coup was settled — and by “fortunes” we of course mean member items, those lucrative discretionary allocations a state senator may avail, and of which Espada complained he wasn’t getting enough before the coup. Now that the Coup’s off and Espada is majority leader, Espada’s aides say this pie-cutting is “being redrafted,” which we may assume means more money for Espada.

And guess who else is getting a payday out of the Albany Coup? Hiram Monserrate (pictured), the state senator indicted for attacking his girlfriend with a broken glass. Back in the old days, when Monserrate’s indictment came down, the senate stripped him of his chairmanship of the senate’s consumer protection committee, and the $12,500 stipend that went with. Newly “empowered” by the Coup, Monserrate has now been reappointed and given back the stipend.

Maybe Monserrate will do with this money what he’s been doing with his campaign donations: paying off lawyers and election violation fines.

This is what they were fighting for in Albany last month, folks. It had nothing to do with you. You just supply the money.