Cops Nab Fight Club-Loving Teen for 5/25 Starbucks Bombing


Tim Hortons will sleep soundly tonight! Cops have caught a suspect in the Memorial Day Starbucks bombing: teenager Kyle Shaw of West 27th Street. Cops say Shaw is into Fight Club, as who isn’t, but that he took it further than most of us dweebs and actually started his own Project Mayhem.

But he forgot the first rule of Fight Club, and bragged about his bombing to friends, leading to his arrest. Cops found on him a DVD of the movie and some sparklers. Can America’s supermax prisons hold this dangerous terrorist?

You will recall that the 3 a.m. explosion at the Upper East Side Starbucks outlet went without a declaration of motive, causing all kinds of speculations, including that the bombers were on jihad against Starbucks’ mermaid logo. Other observers drew parallels to the late-night Times Square Army recruiting station bomb of a few years back. Wait, you say you don’t remember any of this? Have you forgotten 5/25 and 4/27? The eagle weeps.

Update: The Daily News has a pic of Shaw, a skinny white dude, either playing hacky-sack or doing some awkward Kung-Faux.