Cuomo Beating Paterson in Money and Every Other Conceivable Way


The Times says Attrorney General Andrew Cuomo is raising about twice as much money as Governor Paterson. This is no shock, considering how badly Cuomo creams Paterson in the polls, and how Paterson’s name is associated with the fiascos in Albany while Cuomo just keeps rolling out the public-minded prosecutions, bringing cash to the state in the forms of fines and settlements while other politicians merely loot it.

Does Paterson have a chance against Cuomo for the Democratic nomination? Well, the election’s more than a year away, and someone could get hit by a bus. And it’s much harder to knock off an incumbent in the nominating stage than it is in the election. But we grow convinced that, as 2010 gets more real, Paterson may decide he doesn’t actually want the job anymore (if he ever did), and wishes to return to his former life of sex and drugs.

The one thing that would make it easy for him to leave would be a legacy besides the chaos with which he is now associated. Maybe that’s why he’s been pushing so hard to pass the gay marriage bill. If it passes, he goes out a civil rights champion rather than as a Saturday Night Live buffoon. In that sense, you might say that for New York, gay marriage is win-win.