Food Cart Wars Give Way to Fruit Wars; College Students Get Cooking in Their Dorm Rooms


Burger and taco trucks aren’t the only mobile food enterprises at war in New York. The battle between fruit carts has been escalating as vendors ignore the unwritten rule about staying off each other’s turf.
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The economic downturn has led more New Yorkers to cook at home, according to a Zagat survey. The results of the study were released along with the expanded and renamed New York City Food Lover’s Guide, which covers some 2,000 food shops, cheese shops, butchers, candy stores, and produce markets.
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College students are also cooking more at home–even when their home is just a dorm room. Mini-refrigerators and microwaves are commonplace, and chefs make school visits to give cooking lessons. Colleges like Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville offer students the option to pick up groceries in the cafeteria instead of a cooked meal.
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Florida is the first state to make natural honey the law. New legislation prohibits additives, chemicals, or adulterants from being added to honey. Products in violation are subject to a “stop sale” order, while repeat offenders face fines of up to $500.

A young German chef accidentally blew off both his hands using liquid nitrogen in a molecular gastronomy recipe. The 24-year-old toque lost one hand in the explosion, and the other was so badly injured it had to be amputated.
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