French Montana, Jadakiss, Snoop, and Don Henley, Together at Last in the “New York Minute” Video


Your usual Jadakiss correspondent here at SOTC is enjoying a well-deserved, hopefully Internet-free vacation, so it falls to me to discuss this here video for Bronx/Akon product French Montana’s “New York Minute,” a hallmark of tics both conventional (immediate cameo from someone in The Wire) and . . . not so conventional (sped-up full-chorus sample of the titular Don Henley, uh, hit). As FM and Jadakiss reel off a depressing roll-call of shot and/or incarcerated NYC rappers (Remy Ma appreciates the shout-out), the video juxtaposes gritty/gorgeous hometown panoramas with what has to be the most dour game of poker ever played. Jadakiss, in the midst of various unpleasantries that might befall you: “C4 to your mom’s front door, gift-wrapped/Whole fanbase could start thinkin’ that your shit’s wack.” Possibly on the same day, even.

(It’s tempting to go off on a big rant about how “French Montana” is still the strangest name for a rapper I’ve ever heard in my life, but let’s not and say we did.)

(Important announcement from his Twitter.)