French Montana, Jadakiss, Snoop, and Don Henley, Together at Last in the “New York Minute” Video


Your usual Jadakiss correspondent here at SOTC is enjoying a well-deserved, hopefully Internet-free vacation, so it falls to me to discuss this here video for Bronx/Akon product French Montana’s “New York Minute,” a hallmark of tics both conventional (immediate cameo from someone in The Wire) and . . . not so conventional (sped-up full-chorus sample of the titular Don Henley, uh, hit). As FM and Jadakiss reel off a depressing roll-call of shot and/or incarcerated NYC rappers (Remy Ma appreciates the shout-out), the video juxtaposes gritty/gorgeous hometown panoramas with what has to be the most dour game of poker ever played. Jadakiss, in the midst of various unpleasantries that might befall you: “C4 to your mom’s front door, gift-wrapped/Whole fanbase could start thinkin’ that your shit’s wack.” Possibly on the same day, even.

(It’s tempting to go off on a big rant about how “French Montana” is still the strangest name for a rapper I’ve ever heard in my life, but let’s not and say we did.)

(Important announcement from his Twitter.)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 15, 2009

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